Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Night Out

"Night Out", same tittle as Anna's blog about the outing =)
The day started off when Anna texted me and asked me to Gurney....When she texted, I was like OMG, Anna u saved me, i'm rotting hell at home! haha...

So went to Anna's house and fetch her...then we headed to Gurney, she said she was hungry and its already almost 5pm =S
Then we went Winter Warmers because she's craving for Carbonara... 

Anna ordered Carbonara and Iced Peach Tea with extra JELLYYYY no wonder I call you(Anna) jelly, wahahhah  =D
I ordered Iced Lime-Mint Tea.....

After ordering, I said to Anna you should try that...then she was like Iced LIME-MINT Tea izzit? I thought you wanted to order Iced Lemon Tea and you could not pronouce LEMON TEA properly....WTH, we had a laugh about that! haha...

While waiting for her food and our drinks, I meet my high school pal Freddy with another friend of his Wen...... They don't have any plan, so in the end they decided to join us...A while later, Kristi came and joined us as well.....We ended up chit-chatting at Winter Warmers till 7 something.... Owh ya, before we went off, everyone got extremely bored...They started mixing up the left over carbonara with cheese, salt, black paper and all....DISGUSTING WEI!!!! =S

Its DINNER TIME....We headed to Northam Beach for our dinner....
Northam Beach

Kristi and Anna ordered Tom Yam, the difference its Kristi's TomYam was GIGANTIC.....When it came, we were like WOOOOOWWWW =O I ordered WanTanMee and Freddy ordered some prawn noodle....owh ya! Wen went back home for dinner....
Anna couldn't finish her food cause she had Carbonara like 2 hours ago =S and Kristi couldn't as well..... SOOO, what Anna did was she literally destroy the food...As in literally, she said if she don't do it then later they re-use it how? =SSSS

After dinner, we decided to go to Autocity because all the place in Penang we went before dy, WE WANT SOMETHING NEW =D....The gals thought that we were just joking! haha... So we went =D

But then before that we have to pick up Wen from her house.....I don't know where she stays..So we have to tail Freddy's car to her place....and we ended up dunno where, because Freddy got lost, and he keep on turning on the hazard light, as a sign of confused he said =S 
In the end we reached there SAFELY, as Freddy keep on stopping his car in the middle of the road to figure out how to go to Wen's place...that will be the last time I'll tail him =S

Owh ya, Anna got bored in my car and started taking pictures with my phone =)
Here's the picturesss........
The lion in my car, Anna wanted to bring it home


Me, driving =)

Then we headed to Autocity....Got there and we went to BED go all the way to Autocity to go BED, Penang also got la =S
Here's the picturesss....
Everyone was bored at first

Seeeeee, even with alcohol, everyone was extremely boredddd =S

After a while,  we started playing cards, COR-DAI-DI(in hokkien)....Everyone started to crap and all...whahahahaha... 
and pictures again =D

Me & Freddy, long time friend since high school

Kristi, Me and Wen Anna said I'm a pimp in her blog =S

Anna & Kristi

After that we started playing with the jelly on the table....The jelly was suppose for the flower =S well, we started to throw everyone with it.... HAHA....owh ya, after that we noticed that its like no more jelly, we poured beer for the flower instead =D OMG, haha.....

Look at the flower's cup at the corner...its almost empty =D

Anna with JELLY

Look at the flower's cup, it was full when we first reach there...hahaha =D

Anna was so busy the whole night *shaking head*

haha, they are trying to be LALA...=D

Wen daydreaming =D

haha... I wrote this...Love it =D

Then Anna wanted to take picture of me and Kristi....She ended up taking a short video....

Have a peek =)

We went off.....The place that we sat, its full with JELLIESSSSS on the flooooooorr......
hahahaha...I bet they gonna remember our face and ban us from there....wahahhahaa =D

Then we wanted to go to Pelita for some drink.......Exactly opposite BED, there's a Pelita....
But then, Freddy don't want...He said he want to go back to the Pelita in Penang...WTH =S he said he likes the feeling of crossing the bridge =S
Reached there, we had a drink...OWH YA, I was force to eat Wen's Roti Canai just because when  she asked me wants some, I said yes was just joking la.....Then she force me to finish 3 quarter of it =S

After that, went to get my car.....Anna wanted to drive.....and she DID....
OMG, she really scared the hell out of me =S 
Ask you, do you press the break-pedal a bit when you turn? ANS: OF COURSE YESSSSS
Do you accelerate when you turn? ANS: OF COURSE NOOOOO!!!!

Angeline, I think you got a competitor here...WAHAHAHHA

Then head home and sleeeeeeepppp....Reached home around almost 4 I think =)

Kristi did this....LOVE IT =)

I want another day of this...Miss u guys =/

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