Monday, September 15, 2008


Was going through my stuff when I was back in Penang..and I found something =)

I found 2 sheets of paper in my drawers... Although its just a piece of paper, then it kinda mean alot to me.... It reminds me of the old days that we had together....I miss it and I really miss everyone of u too..

Take a peek on it... 

They draw this for me for my birthday =) thank you =)

here's all the wishes they wrote on the piece of paper for me =)

Everyone of us is everywhere now....

Amy in US studying music
Jo Ann in LimKokWing
Daniel, I dunno where he is
Su Mei, I dunno where she is too =S sorrrryy
Sze Sheng in Reliance College
Yee Mun, she's in HELP too, but then I didn't meet up with her even once

and I'm in HELP studying Law...

I miss the old days....hope everything will be as last time, the fun, the joke and everything else =/

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