Monday, December 15, 2008



I'm so not gonna go clubbing anymore ppl =) u will know why I said that later on in this post =)
Be patient and read on........... =D

It was Saturday....Enjoying my 3 days break from Orchestra's rehearsal...... Owh yaa! I'm at Winter Warmers, Gurney noww!!! I skipped the rehearsal today..... =D My mouth's muscle are seriously tired...I really need an extra day of break =/

So, I did a bit of catch up with Michelle...been really really really really long since the last time I seen her..... 
Before that, I was with my mum, doing some shopping.....and that gal, said she had no transport, so being such a nice guy of me...I went out from the PLACE we supposed to met.. 
So when I reached her place, I WAITED FOR HER FOR LIKE 30 MINUTES PLUS!!! DAMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!! GALS!! MEMANG GALS!!! 

We were in Winter Warmers from like 4 something till 8 something....That's long right? meet quite a number of people there.....then we started talking about how we know each other last time...owh, and how gurney was like last time....
Last time, every weekends, Gurney will be like the SPOT...what do I mean? last time, it's like every Saturday, we do not have to call anyone of our friends, it's like everyone automatically will just be in Gurney's McDonalds and Redspot(some snooker's place)....
well, I dunno why, Michelle dunno why either...GURNEY IT'S JUST THE PLACE LAST words to explain...BUT then now, we hardly can see our friends around here's not as nice as last time anymore =/ but it's still one of our best hang out spot till now =)

for us last time at least... =/

Went for dinner after that, don't wanna talk about dinner....We waited for 1 hours plus for our meal....owh, Sherena joined us for a while...just got to know her on that day...
Nice to meet u Sherena =)

Freddy wanted to join us after dinner....So we went to G Hotel and waited for him.....

The Christmas's Tree are really nice...sorry, my phone's camera just plain sucky..

Spot the difference? The bar and reception are, it changes colours every 20 right?

and the Vain gal, she was camwhoring the whole night...Joanne and Yee Chien, I'll introduce her to u guys if she do go down to kl =D

I love this...
G Hotel's logo with a Santa's hat =)

While waiting, got a text from Freddy, he said he's not gonna join us anymore...cause of laziness...darn!!!!

Then we headed to Upper Penang Road....NOT FOR CLUB =)

We chill at this place call Soi 11...

me... =) checking out ppl at Penang most happening club...owh...Soi 11 is just infront of that club =)


Look at the picture...The outlook is like some so nice Heritage Building....BUT THEN, inside of it, it's the most happening club in Penang..It just doesn't match =/

Sex on the's nice =) it's better than Long Island Tea....

The whole night, till like around 3 something....I was sitting there outside of the club...and I didn't enter at all =D
haha...well, Michelle was thinking to go in for a while....but then, I dunno, I felt old while sititng outside there....It's like, Clubbing just so not my thing anymore?! I'm only 19 and still a teenager for another 1 months plus...and I'm feeling old now =S issit good or bad? 

Anyway, I just don't really feel like going clubbing anymore although friends has been calling up alot back here to go clubbing..but I rejected all..
BUT THEN, I enjoyed sitting out there, looking at how people dress and all......wazzup with the guys nowadays...? is skinny jeans the fashion now or I'm just way left behind...? dammm...skinny jeans?! ewww! =S

Meet up with quite a number of people outside the club....I guess I'm just turning old earlier...IT'S BAD, but it's good at the same time.... =)


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Anne = YuinYuin said...

well you don't have to be old for not liking clubbing! do you mean i'm old???!!! darn....haha well, clubbing is just not my cup of tea although many says i have to clubber look... wrong wrong wrong :p