Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Welcome again....


I'm back ppl! yes yes yes, from Korea, China and Hong Kong...and currently in KL for the pre-departure thingy yesterday night at PJ Hilton....well oh well, what about the trip? I seriously have no idea how to start...should I do it like the one where I went to Taiwan??? or should I just leave it like this?

Check out the pictures here ppl, there're 30 over albums....hahaha don't freak out....well, Genevieve said I'm a male camwhore...but who cares? =D

link as below:

Leave a comment here or in my chatbox ppl if u guys want me to talk about my trip....ok? =)

oh ya! i got quarantined ppl in Korea! hahaha

Will be back once I got YOUR feedback =D

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