Monday, May 31, 2010

The longest TAG ever!

Thanks A LOT Genevieve!!!

What is your favorite game? Mario? and still is =)
Favorite color: none in particular la..but i like red and black.. best combination =D
Least favorite color: errrrr...bright-highlight yellow? imagine urself wearing that colour =S
Do you like to drive fast? sometimes...especially when i drive from kl back to penang...aaah, damm...i missed it.. =/
Do you like thunderstorms? NOOO....who loves thunderstorms?? other than Genevieve.. =P
Do you eat the stems of broccoli? why not =) i love vege.
What was your first car? why?? you wanna hijack my car? lol
If you could have any job, what would it be? Musician of course! but i shall start dreaming....
Do you type with your fingers on the right keys? why not? =)
What's under your bed? Now??? there's practically nothing now =/ but before that, instrument, bags,empty boxes, new shoes.....hmmm...what else? =)
What are your favorite sports to watch? a lot wei....i dunno, badminton, basketball, and tennis? =D
Single biggest intense pain? make myself to sit in front of my law books for hours...but now no more...muahahaha XD
The best places you have ever been? Korea of course!! the place where i got freaking quarantine for damm 2 weeks.... u tell
Hamburgers or hot dogs? both? =)
What is your occupation? I'm a BUM school, no job...lifeless =D
What was the last thing you ate? errrr....cake from Brew?
Do you wish on stars? errr nooo....i can't even see a single star in England =S
If you were a crayon, what color would you be? I dont want to be a crayon la come on...
Last incoming call on your cell phone? June
Last outgoing call on your cell phone? and June?
What's your favorite restaurant? Liverpool or in Malaysia? Liv would be the Red Hot Buffet!!! damm the varities and food, awesome =D Malaysia...all the hawker stalls in Penang will do fine for me
Favorite food? I dunno...i love fish..that i know =D
Britney Spears is a skank--agree or disagree? I don't even want to comment...
What type of music do you dislike most? LOOOOUD music of course.....i like slow, jazz, rnb, blues...classic...i sound old..i know.. =S
What was the last thing you bought? errr....Moisturiser from BodyShop?
Do you take illegal drugs? drugs is just.......gaahhhh...i dont understand why do ppl take drugs...
Does someone have a crush on you? haha...dont want to know unless i like that person too...muahahah =D
Do you really know all the words to the national anthem? err...No =S
Favorite drink? fruit juice =)
Favorite alcoholic drink? Not a big fan...but if u were to ask me to choose something... Long Island?
Do you believe in love at first sight? is not buying a lottery =)
Where were you for Valentine's Day? Some chinese restaurant i think?? Oh wait...! i was in Leeds..with my sister.. it was Chinese New Year as well...
What's your favorite animal? Dog of course! i love them.... =)
What do you think about most? now? what am i gonna do next..... i'm a bum remember? haha
Do you like to play in the rain? it depends...and with who? haha
Are you a risk taker? yuppp! life is about risk...if u're too scare to take a risk...u would not experience anything new and suprising in your life.....that's what i believe... =)
Have you ever been to jail? YUPP!!! the one in Dublin....can't remember the name...i think it's KIl---something...LOL
How many states have you lived in? errr....1 Penang, 2 KL, and now Liverpool?
Do you wear contacts or glasses? both
Hugs or kisses? Hugs...
Living arrangements? now in my pathetic small room..
Who is your best friend(s)? hmmmmm... =) not to declare...
What do you sleep in? clothes of course...not naked dont worry...i dont wanna run out naked when the fire alarm go off...hahaha
Biggest pet peeve? hmmmmm.....too hard to answer...
I have low tolerance for people who... are fake...likes to show off especially those rich bastard...and do not respect for people.... they need to get a lesson to respect everyone even they do not know them...
Do you sleep with the TV on? Nooo....i dont even have a tv in pathetic it is right? haihzz...
Do you have a TV in your bedroom? i just mentioned...
Are you good at keeping secrets? lips sealed... =)
How do you spell relief? I'm done with Law School..muahahaha
Parents still together? of course!!!! but dad is hardly around other than weekends =(
Can you handle the truth? Yess of course...i prefer truth rather than lies.. =)
Current car? My legs.....bus 11 haha
Are you in love? yes with my life... =D
Hair color? Black....i'm an Asian.... lol
What are you afraid of? can see their expression... =S
Last time you cried? hmmmm...that was...back in high school? haihzz...i missed it...damm
Friend you've had the longest? woaaah.....a lot wei =S
Best friends? there's already one Q like this up here...
Favorite car? A car is just a car.... i'm happy enough that i have a car...
Number of keys on your keyring? four.....!
Favorite day of the week? Friday of course...
Favorite shampoo? This question is for a gal to answer....
Day or night? both? Day for the sun...Night for the chilling part =D
Best advice you've ever received? patient is the key
Favorite type of music? hmmmm......that's really hard to answer...
Your biggest weakness? Don't like to say No...i'll always try to please everyone....mum said that's bad...but my mum is just like me...haha
Biggest fear? losing my loved ones of course....
Are you close to your parents? of course =D
Do you swear? used too like A LOT!...but now no more... =)
Favorite song at the moment? Journey to the Past- Aaliyah
Read books? now?? of course no!! i just finished my finals like 2 or 3 days ago?? i'm not a nerd.... =D
Vegetable you love/hate? I love veges....any veges, i would love it =)
Worst habits? spending too much time on the net...dammm

*In a boyfriend/girlfriend*
Personality? errr....hmmm...i dunno, fun? smart? not clingy(sorry i really can't stand it)...understanding? that's all i guesss..... i'm not perfect, so i dont expect one to be perfect.. =)
Style of clothing? anything as long as it's not slutty and la-la... haha
Do they have to be popular? nopee....
Kiss on the first date? well...that's for God to decide =)
Sex on the first date? ha! nooo!

and I shall tag......YeeChien, June, KenWooi....and all my followers...muahahah =D

have fun doing it ppl!!

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