Monday, March 21, 2011

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, Putrajaya


Got invited by my friends to join for hot air balloon! well, there was no reason to say no! so hell yeah! LOL

So got up really early and met up in Taman Midah's McD with Melissa, Amy and Terrence....had 2 hours plus sleep only just so u know cause the day before was St. Patrick's Day...

BUT it was worth it! check out the pictures!

and introducing you, the poser of the day! hahahaha
and of course I'm in it too la...duuh! hahaha

Just so you know, we didn't managed to get tickets for the hot air balloon ride...
WHY? cause they only sell 300 tickets per session! how the hell am i gonna get my ticket right??! retarded sial!

But thank to our poser skill in front of 988 Radio Station, they decided to give us some VIP passes! hell yeah! lucky giler....! THANK YOU

well, the first ride, only Terrence managed to go up! and yes, it was freee, because WE ARE VIP now! muahahhh

and now it's our turn! first, of course pose with the hot air balloon that we're gonna ride on it first right? hahaha

then up we go!

it was hell fun! hahahaha

well if u're scared of height, it might be the longest ride for u! but fun too! =D

ok, that's all!

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