Monday, April 25, 2011

Formula One, Sepang

Yup yup!
I went for the Formula One's race in Sepang!
Yes yes, I'm a Formula One's fan! =D

Anyways, i shall start off this post by telling u how much it cost me to park my car in Sepang!
here goes,
yes, FREAKING RM50!!!
the worse part was, they actually cancelled the RM5 thingy, and replaced it with a chop! NONSENSE WEI!

Anyways, this is the qualifying day FIRST....
All this is at the Sepang's Mall, the main entrance there.....
kinda happening right? =D

after chilling there for a bit, we took the shuttle bus over to our stand....
yes i know, no seats, just sitting on the grass! but let me tell u, this is better than sitting at the seat! like seriously =D

and check out the cars ppl! =D

and some hardcore fan la..

after the qualifying, went back to the main entrance for some pictures....
yes, need to fill up with some petrol....exhausted! hahaha

and the race day!

check out the ticket and landyard!

look at the people

Marshall checking out the other marshall

warm-up lap

and the race begins!

That's all!

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Mr5zal said...

this is cool bro.