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Tong Pak Fu, Hong Kong Desserts

Tong Pak Fu
Hong Kong Desserts

Desserts, has been popping out nowadays everywhere....from drinks type of desserts, to soup, to ice based type of desserts....

Nonetheless, one of my favourite, would be Tong Pak Fu...
Tong Pak Fu is an award winning and popular Hong Kong Dessert House. Tong Pak Fu arrives to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia to tempt and entice every taste bud in the Klang Valley with an amazing array of both hot and cold, traditional and progressive selection of desserts including delectable range of shaved ice to cool one down in the tropical heat.

Check out the lay out of the place...this is at Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya....
Tong Pak Fu is clearly the homophone of Tang Bo Hu (one of the four supreme talents of Jiangnan - a famous Ming Dynasty scholar) in Cantonese, but the name was chosen carefully for these reasons - "Tong" means sugar or "tong sui", "Pak" symbolises the blooming of different varieties and styles, while "Fu" carries the connotation of the shop or mansion. The combination then brings out the message of "a dessert shop offering a myriad of choices" - be it traditional or contemporary styles and flavours.

Three years ago, the very first Tong Pak Fu opened its door in Hak Po Street in Mongkok, Hong Kong. Within three to five months, it has attracted long queues every night, even during the chilly winter. Its popularity has earned Tong Pak Fu recognition of being the top leader in the business of iced desserts.

Check out some of their desserts here...
Chinese "Tong Sui"
Chinese Tong Sui are traditional Cantonese desserts. They are not easy to make with emphasis given on the ingredients and intricate methods. One needs to have patience and skills to prepare a bowl of aromatic, smooth and rich Tong Sui that is not only tasty, but beneficial for the body too!
Tong Pak Fu definitely did that!
Black Glutinous Rice with Coconut Cream - left; Black Sesame Cream (Ji Ma Wu) - right
Black Glutinous Rice with Coconut Cream - This homemade dessert has the right balance of richness and sweetness. It emits a unique scent and will definitely warm your tummy yo!
Black Sesame Cream (Ji Ma Wu) - They fry, ground and cook their own black sesame cream with great patience and skill. Hence, it is as fine, smooth, and its sweetness is not cloying at all! Perfect!

The founder of Tong Pak Fu, brothers Ben and Man Li has learned and improvised the techniques of making Taiwanese shaved ice. The ice blocks are made of 100% pure fruit juices without adding artificial colourings and flavours at all.

Hence the desserts below...
Snow Ice
The Taiwanese refer to this desserts as shaved ice while the Hong Kong people call it as Snow ice or Cotton ice. What sets it apart from the traditional version is the appearances, the layers of light and fluffy cloth snow delicately piled up on a plate that melts softly in your mouth, with a delightful cooling sensation.
Mango Snow Ice - left; Pink Guava Snow Ice - right
Trackka Durian Snow Ice
The snow ice above, the taste of the fruits is perfectly in the ice itself. Especially the durian, it was just plain perfect.

Sago Desserts
Be it pairing with fresh fruits or shaved ice, the translucent and chewy sago pearls promise you a taste of the refreshing summer
Chilled Mango Sago Creme with Pomelo (Yeong Ji Gum Lou)
Made of imported mangoes from Philippines. Floating on the golden yellow mango juice are mango cubes, sago pearls, pomelo pulp and crystal pearls. The combination of aromatic mango and refreshing pomelo makes one astonished at the rich layers of flavours.

That being that, they serves Western Desserts as well!
Armed with the ambition of making western delights that are comparable to those produced at five-star hotels. Ben and Man learned the art of pastry at Cova, a renowned pastry house in Hong Kong. They want customers to be enveloped with pure bliss when enjoying their dainty creations!
Hcnce the awesome desserts below...
Chocolate LAva Cake with Ice Cream (Sum Thai Yun Phui Suet Gou)
The Swiss chocolate cake oozes warm and smooth chocolate liquid. Alternate a bite of this delight with a spoonful of ice cream.; the texture and taste are simply heavenly!

Creme Brulee (Jiu Thong Dhan Dan)
The outer layer of this pudding is warm and firm, yet the centre is chilled and smooth. The dessert with distinctive flavour of eggs will cheer you up, without fail!

They do have hot desserts too! Their boiled dessert is done by double-boiled over slow firm! Imagine the hard work they put in just to make the perfect dessert for you!
Double-boiled Papaya with Snow Fungus (Bing Thong Ngan Yi Dhan Muk Gua)
Double-boiled Snow Pear with Dried Citrus Peel (Chan Phei Dhan Yuen Jek Ngap Lei)
Double-boiled Papaya with Snow Fungus (Bing Thong Ngan Yi Dhan Muk Gua) - Well know for its nourishing values, snow fungus contains gelatin and protein, and is said to be able to help improve blood circulation, increase metabolism, whiten and moisturise the skin. Papaya, on the other hand, is rich in Vitamin C and can help boost the body's immune system. This light desserts will definitely make you healthy and pretty yo!
Double-boiled Snow Pear with Dried Citrus Peel (Chan Phei Dhan Yuen Jek Ngap Lei) - Both dried citrus peel and snow pear boast the effect of clearing phlegm and reducing cough, this this warm and tasty dessert is nourishing and able to relieve heat from the body.

Other than desserts, they served snacks too!
My favourite in the house, Curry Fish Ball and Braised Chicken Wings! Nice!

So impressed yet?!
Do check out their outlets around Klang Valley yo!

They have it at....
Sunway Giza
Empire Shopping Gallery
Mid Valley
Paradigm Mall

and they are opening soon at The Mines, Setia City Mall, Penang and Johore Bharu!

Saliva dripping yet!
Go try now!


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