Friday, December 14, 2012

Be Creative and Win with Samsung

 Be Creative and Win!

Being creative at work, with friends, at games or anything that you can think of? it will never win u something awesome!

But being Creative with Samsung, oh yeah! it will defo give u chance of winning something awesome!

Just like what I did, the moment I enter, I'm require to select one celebrity to be creative...
Well among all, I picked Adam C!

 After picking it, it will bring you to this page to start being creative and design your own jersey!

Well, I'm just trying my luck, did a very simple stripes on it! and of course some Samsung wording...hehe

After you're done, just simply click submit!

Guess what, Adam said he would totally wear my design! Whaddup!

Check out this video of Adam being creative as well!

Submit your entry now yo!

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