Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Restoran Laut Lim Hock Ann Seafood, Sarawak

Restoran Laut Lim Hock Ann Seafood, Sarawak
If you're all the way at Kuching, you should take a short drive Restoran Laut Lim Hock Ann Seafood for a nice, fresh, and of course cheap seafood for your little tummy, or maybe big tummy!
This restaurant, it's right beside the sea....
I would say it is one of the best place to dine, not only you will get to enjoy some fresh get to enjoy some see breeze, and of course the magnificent view of the sun set!

Check out the food, yummy isn't it? 

after meal, just another awesome night view as a dessert to top it off!
How do you go? 
Just get a cab, hop on and tell them this place!

Go, or else you'll regret

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