Friday, July 26, 2013

Malaysia XI vs Chelsea FC (2013)

Malaysia XI vs Chelsea FC

The match that we have been waiting for for such a long season!
The pre-season tour of Chelsea FC in Malaysia!

 Thanks to Samsung, I managed to grab a pair of tickets to the match!

 It wasn't only a pure football match, Samsung let us experience how to be a star as well!

Was really really excited!
Started taking picture even when the clock is 0:0...match haven't even started =P

Before you even knew it! Chelsea FC is already 1:0 up!

And the epic crowd is cheering like madness with the Samsung sponsored "sound-making-ballooon-ish" stick =P 

Before you knew it, dah 4-0 up!

Honestly speaking, the most exciting and epic part of the whole wasn't because of Chelsea FC it's playing in Malaysia, it's US supporters, we are literally supporting Chelsea FC and Malaysia XI literally!

We were anxiously waiting for Malaysia to score!
and...drum roll, finally Malaysia scored a consolation goal to end the epic match between the two exciting team!

Hopefully they will come back again next year!
Thank you Samsung!

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