Wednesday, July 16, 2008

craziness of my friends =) & CHICKEN POX =S


I could not decide whether should I post about my chicken pox ( owh ya, i got chicken pox =S )or reply all the comment that my friends gave in the recent post..
WELL, after thinking about it, why not I just post about both of this in one post? right? I'm SMART right? HAHAHA

anyway, about my blog first.....thank you people for supporting about me blogging!! haha...I don't know, it just feel nice having something on the internet to crap on...

FIRSTLY, I wanna say THANK YOU too Yee Chien....
Seeeeeeee!!! She's so nice... featured me in her blog! haha...thank you thank you =) 
By the way, next Kennysia? Hmmm, I shall start dreaming wei! haha

Mike- Haha, I know u miss me! haha, I heard u got fever? take care la k =)
Jamie- You're still that crazy...hmmm *shaking head* wonder when u will be send to Tanjung Rambutan....HAHAHAHA
Wilson-  Do you need tissue? =D
Gloria- Aaaaa!!! I link you dy laaaaaaa...
Joelene- haha, yeah my friends are crazy, but they are great people too =)
Yee Chien-  HAHA!! I know I know! I was like * WOOOOW =O * when I see ur blog! haha thank you thank you *muackssss* =)
Anna- HAHA, what do u mean by "F I N A L L Y" ? haha, EH!! u remind me of that song Finally by Fergie...Arrghhh! I love that song! haha... =)
Choong Wee- Yes! I got a blog dy! haha! Everyone is so happy for me!! =) Thank you! 

Angeline: y never update??!
Angeline: u update ur blog d?
                  go update haha       
Angeline: put a chatbox there la...    (will put it after this post k k =) )
Carmen: go update ur blog!!
Mike(again): faster go and update ur blog (he ask me to like update my blog exactly after my 1st post  =S )
Yee Chien: update your blog yet?
HAHA, people I love you guys!! haha... You guys make me feel like blogging even more! And make me so excited when I'm writing this blog! =D =D =D =D =D
AAAAAAAaaaaaa! Thank you people for supporting me! =)

Nowwww, I'm gonna talk about chicken pox.. Issshkkkk!!!
I got this stupid-sicko-dumb-ass kinda sickness on Sunday. The moment I woke up on Sunday, I feel so crappy. At first I thought its because of the 3 days of party that resulted me feeling like crap. (Thursday-Ryui Bynn and Pay Wen's Birthday in Bar Celona, Friday- Skybar with old friends, Saturday- BBQ at home with some old friends and cousin's friends) 
Apparently, after looking at the mirror. I was like OWH SHIT WHAT HAPPEN?! OMG OMG!!!
THEN THEN, I called my mum, I told my mum about it. Thank god my mum said come back ASAP....IF my mum says, stay there and take good care of yourself... I tell u, I'll be like *^!($&*!&#*( for sure.... Owh ya, I actually google it with "red spots all over body". You know what it came out, hepatitis C and all crap... I was like =S   ok  =S

ANYWAY, when I got home, I thought grandma will be around here with me. But then grandma is at my grandaunt's place, she just got out from hospital for some operation thats why =(
So, my chicken pox, how is it now? Apparently, most of the pox is on my face, I dunno why (Angeline: eeeee, ugly d!) YES! I look like crap shit now! Its like having darn lots of pimples on my face, but the thing is, I dont mind that its pimples cause at least u can scratch it. BUT THIS, u could not even like pinch it or SCRATCH it! feel like shit wei! =S
About my body, legs and hands, of course there's pox. BUT then not much, I dunno why. And one of my friend actually asked me, is there any pox at ur private part? Before I could even say yes or no, they were already saying yes and all in the chatbox dy. WELL, for ur information, when u guys got it, there might be pox at ur private part, unfortunately there's none at my private part. Happy? =S Ishkkkk!! HAHA Owh ya, another of my friend said I might get another time if there's not much pox this time (Tiffany: I got like twice, once when I'm really small, another time when i'm like 12) WOW! That better not happen! I'll kill myself =S

Now, Day 4 of my chicken pox. Its getting better, I think and hopefully. No more new pox coming out I think. All of the pox is like getting either dry or yellowish. Owh ya, the best part is is, I do not have any fever at all. My friend said I'm weird. But who cares, if I got fever means I cant shower. Cant shower means DIE!! 
Anyway, I'm getting better dy. What I do everyday now? Since finals is kinda near, I've been studying ABIT and most of the time I'm searching DVDs to entertain myself!!! I'm so dead! haha..
well, that's all for now laaa pppl =)

signing offffffffff...........

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