Sunday, October 4, 2009



How's Liverpool so far? errrrr, I would say, not so bad.....kinda like it..but the only thing which I don't really like about *
I still kinda like it, compare to Malaysia =D* should be the weather only.....

ANYWAY, I'm lovin' my life here la......and another ya...DAMM I MISS MY CARR...aah, ya darn alot of walking here.... gosh! =S

Anyhoo.......check out Michelle's cooking =D

And....there was this Buka Raya thingy at my dorm...... We didn't know that there were like over 10 families of postgraduate staying at the same place at our dorm....I mean it's like a mini Malaysia...oh! the most important was we got invited =)

oh yaa!!! and it was freezing cold that night =S

That's the food....there's alot at first, didn't get to take the picture at first cause was too busy eating all the nice malaysian foooodd...

some pictures of the places around here... =)

and the city of the places that we go almost 5 times a week =S

THEM...taking picture again =D

Primark, our favourite place.... =D

after that, walked around with my friend, ChianLue...and thanks to her...I discovered some nice places around =)

one of the famous landmark there I would say =)

and Albert Dock

and there's swan in the sea =S

oh...and I went to my uni's orchestra rehearsal...not too bad not too bad....

the most interesting part during the rehearsal, I think would be when the Music Director mentioned that the orchestra is going to Shanghai next year summer!! ahh.....I hope that I'll be one of them =D =D =D =D

Well, that's all for now

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