Thursday, July 1, 2010

I am Christine

ciao everyone!!!! you might have never heard of me. you might have never seen me. but i am boon's new best friend/ matchmaker- Christine. haha. I am invited by Boon to be a guest in his blog while waiting for all others to get shower before being a tourist in Florence, Italy.

since our beloved ooi is always updating wut he is doing and where he has been, i am going to just write a little something about us for the past 12 hours. basically, we were homeless yesterday. all thanks to boon's brilliant idea that we leave Venice to Florence at freaking 3 and HELLO is THREE. hahahaha!

but.. overall.. spending the night in the doggy venice train station is a really a good experience. we had so much fun talking, getting chase out from McD cos we din buy their food- FOL, and also created the world best contract between ourselves. Bout the contract it might be the most bo liao thing we had ever did. we contracted that if Boon and June go on a date before June turns 40 they owe Michelle and me a meal of our choice. hahahaha.

gotta go now guys. the pretty Florence which I am quite sure will take our heart away is awaiting us.

till we meet again, xoxo.

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