Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Milan, Italy

I'm back to my blog again!!!

Sorry ppl, i've been MIA from here...causeeeeeee, mum came down to England, and was busy with sister's graduation and of course my graduation as well =D muahahaha

Anyway anyhow....this is my trip to Milan!!!!

Milan.....let me describe it, well....if u wanna go shopping, COME Liverpool, and go to Cheshire Oaks! shopping there is simply awesome!!! why? my mum....she spend like half of the money that my dad gave to him for shopping here...so u tell me =P


Our sucky 1 star hotel on the first day.!!!! worse EVERRR!!!!!! =S
too ugly and tooo ridiculous!! didn't bother taking a picture....

2nd day hostel...AWESOME =)
Thank God

Oh ya...

Just so u know....our whole Milan trip...basically we had our supper, lunch and dinner and this restaurant...

we would have had our breakfast there as well...IF they did serve breakfast!! hahaha

the fast is simply awesome..

and really nice chinese couple =)

Wei Chan enjoying here awesomely nice Seafood Risotto...


I want this dog....

The Famous shopping placeee...
but i cant remember the name =S


the awesome restaurant =)

that's all for nowww!!!

Gonna fly back to Malaysia tomorrowwww =D

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