Sunday, February 13, 2011

2nd of CNY

was mum's birthday!
yes, just so u know, mum's birthday is exactly 2 days after mua birthday!

Means, when my mum gave birth to me, she had the best early birthday present EVER!! muahahahaha =DDDD

So this year, mum decided to have a little small party for herself, ie, dad needs to pay for it la of course...hahahaha

so this was the dinner below
the awesome foood =D

OH YA, lou sang first of course since it's CNY

the after-disgusting-effect

oh let me show u my youngest nephew first =)

and the food

yes yes, it is lobster on the right!

and mua enjoying it here!

oh and of course birthday cake la!
and yes my name is on it.
why? simply because my cousin and family didnt really celebrate my birthday with me this year...
so this is to compensate it la kononnya...

and everyone of us

and dessert...

just so u know, we didnt eat the cake....
why? cause mum ordered 2 tables with only 15 adults and 2 kids... =S

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