Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cranium, Board Game

My favourite board game after Taboo!

It's call Cranium! check it out....
How do you play: On each turn, a team has a chance to complete an activity on one card and advance along the board. If the team successfully completes a color card they have chosen, the die is then rolled to determine what space the team moves to. Whether the activity is completed successfully or not, the turn always ends after one card. If a Blue card has been drawn such as a cloodle, or a sensosketch they are allowed to use previous drawings from before.

If the team completes an activity successfully before time runs out, they roll the color-faced die and move to the next space of the color they roll, or to the next Planet Cranium space, whichever is closer. If they roll purple, they go to the next Planet Cranium space. To win a game you need shappel

Check it out!
super cute right the character? =D

Gonna get this soon! =D


khEy said...

need to use brain to think how to play? better than twister? where to get it?

yeongboon said...

need to think of the answer from the card... =D
i never play twister before la =/