Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend Hi-Tea at Cinnamon Coffee House of One World Hotel, Petaling Jaya

Weekend Hi-Tea at Cinnamon Coffee House 
of One World Hotel, Petaling Jaya

Want a meal with over 200 offerings on a weekend hi-tea? 
Cinnamon Coffee House is the place!

The weekend hi-tea at Cinnamon has now more varieties and more live-cooking stations which give an opportunity for the chefs to interact with the guests.  The live-cooking stations such as the pasta counter, sandwich bar, local noodle section, Indian specialty kitchen, Japanese counter and dessert corner are now stationed with chefs attending to the requests of guests.  Guests are able to order as per their choice and selection of ingredients. 

Check out the place first....

Playgrounds for children

Let's start off we some desserts =D
This is the way I like it whenever I have buffet

At the pasta counter, a variety of pastas and sauces are available and cooked a-la-minute by the chef-in-attendance

Next to the pasta counter is the offering of whole roast lamb.  Marinated with our chefs’ special recipe and roast to perfection, the chef behind the counter will slice the meat according to the portion requested

Freshly made pizza

The newly-added sandwich bar which is the brainchild of Chef Israel Lazaroo has received wonderful commendations from guests.  Six types of bread are offered such as bagel, croissant, foccacia with choice of tuna, chicken ham, beef bacon; and even chicken floss with all the condiments.

Likewise at the local noodle section, choice of Loh See Fun, Char Kway Teow and Mee Mamak are available, alongside one type of soup noodle such as Laksa Johor.  Upon order, the chef will fry your choice of noodle a-la- minute as well.

Home-made Otak-otak, Yong Tau Foo, steamed dim sum or variety of pau.  There is also the porridge counter where the chefs will cook your porridge with your choice of meat such as fish, chicken, chicken liver or crab stick.  There are also wonderful condiments to complement your bowl of piping hot porridge.

More varieties are found at the Indian counter with a-la-minute Masala thosai and chutney freshly prepared by the chefs.  Roti Jala with dhall are also available.
Satay too!

Apart from an assortment of sushi, there is also prawn or vegetable tempura to choose from.  Mochi coated with peanut or sesame seed, a Japanese dessert is another new introduction.

Beef, lamb, name it!

Not to mention, the wide offering of appetisers, cheeses and salads

all sorts of varieties of bread
Saliva dripping yet? =P

Chocolate Fountain
ice creams....damn tempting now even by writing this post...

other variety of choices of food....

Some soup and taufufa!

The weekend hi-tea is available on every Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday from 12 noon to 4.30 pm. 
So......if you are looking to spend the weekend with your family and friends,this is the place! 

Price for Saturday and Sunday: 
RM63++ adult
RM32++ child 

Price for Public Holiday:
RM70++ adult
RM35++ child

For reservations, please call Cinnamon Coffee House at +603 - 7681 1157.

Do check it out!
Cause I'm so gonna go back there again!


Nikel Khor said...

nothing regret if try their nasi lemak redang or their signature cake..

Kendrick Ng said...

mouth watering, and the area seems like good place to chill out, would try this XD thanks!

Xue Ren said...

gosh! all those desserts... i feel like grabbing it now! =P

Eunice said...

There are seriously a lot of variety... I feel so full just by looking at those pics..;P

Thristhan said...

That's crazy wei, 200 plus items on a hi-tea? That's more like a dinner buffet to me. Japanese, Satay and so many more, simply amazing.

Shuwen said...

omg this looks damn good. With that much of food no wonder it costs RM63! Must be worth every penny.