Sunday, April 29, 2012

Giveaway: Win a Flowercake for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just around the corner.....

Have you ever wonder what you should get for your mother for Mother's Day?
Buy her something expensive, maybe LV's handbag...or expensive watches! oh come on, it's your mother we're talking about...not your girlfriend or some hot chicks we're talking about here......

Let me suggest, a simple flower for your mother maybe? =)
But where to get it?!

Bloom is the place where you can get superbly nice and affordable flower for your mother for Mother's Day!

Look at the flowers, the way they decorate it... You bet and rest assured that the flowers you get it from there would be superbly nice and decorative...and of course your mum would loved it!

Guess what....thanks to Bloom, I got myself a Flowercake too!
Check it out.....
Nice isn't it?! Love it! =D
You can get it online by the way....check out if you're lazy person to shop for your mother, you can shop the flowers/gift for your mother via their Online Florist ShopBloom!

Well, since I'm staying away from lovely friend, chow get to keep it! friend here, she looks super happy with it....imagine you giving to your mum!
Your mother would love you and kiss you till your whole face is covered with lipsticks! XD

Last but not least, referring to the title of this blogpost...It's a GIVEAWAY yo!
Yes, the picture/flowercake below would be something that you'll be expecting in this GIVEAWAY!
So how do you get your hands on this Flowercake?!
Simple... You just need to CLICK HERE, and comment on the picture itself..Being the greetings to your mother, mother-in-law, God-mother, wife, or any mothers out there... The best greetings would walk away with the beautiful Flowercake!
Simple as A, B, C! =D

P/S: Winner will be based in Klang Valley as Bloom, would only be able to deliver within Klang Valley...and Winner will be announced on the 9th May 2012!

Anyways, if you did not get hands on the gift, you can always drop by their Online Florist Shop, or drop by at their outlet at;
- C13, The Intermark, +603 - 2161 1616
- LG17, Empire Shopping Gallery, +603 - 5632 1228
- LG25, IPC Shopping Centre, +603 - 7722 4429

So what are you waiting for peeps?!
Try your luck!

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