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Chef Lim Organic Kitchen, Scott Garden

Chef Lim Organic Kitchen

Chef Lim Organic Kitchen
At Chef Lim Organic Kitchen - organic vegetarian eating and delicious cuisine go hand in hand. What sets this place apart from other establishments is the use of unqiue ingredients.
The fundamentals of  the food that is less in salt (sodium), sugar, oil and is high in fibre and nutrition. Chef Lim Organic Kitchen believes in eating healthy food.
Type of food - vegetarian friendly. No meat. Served totally without eggs, five pungent(garlic,onion,chives,spring onion, and leek)

Check out the the layout of the restaurant....

Now let's check out the super decent and healthy food here... =)
Fruit Tea (left); Yam Basket (right)
The fruit tea was quite refreshing...... and decent taste
As for the Yam Basket, Fry Home made yam paste with sauted mixed veggie! What I like about this yam paste it's that the thickness is just nice and it's crunchy still after leaving it for a bit there....

Crystal Jade Roll (left); Lo Han Chai (right)
The Crystal Jade Roll basically is a dish of deep fry tao kan wrapped with seaweed.... something different I would say...it's like eating Sushi! Chinese made sushi =P
As for the Lo Han Chai, it's a dish of mixed mushroom together with brocolli and cauliflower.....

Kapitan Fish (left); Basil leaf mushroom (right)
Kapitan Fish? You must be wondering, why is there fish in a vegetarian restaurant right? Basically it's called as fish because the taste is made as if it tastes like fish! Awesome right?! So being a vegetarian is not that after all =P Basically this dish is done by home made kapitan sauce with yogurt and the fish that was mentioned earlier are made from fu zuk and fu pei..... Decently nice and I thought it was literally fish initially! That good!
As for the Basil Leaf Mushroom, it is done with fresh basil leaf with fresh shimeji mushroom or fresh whole button mushroom.....

Mushroom Cheese Bake Rice
Just look at the cheese....am already dripping saliva while writing this post! hahahah XD
Just to assure you, the dish is done with vegetarian friendly cheese(without animal rennet) together with fried rice with mushroom as the bass at the bottom....love the cheese, couldn't stop eating eat btw =D

Stewed Herbal Mushroom (left); Fruit Pizza (right)
Stewed Herbal Mushroom was pretty decent as you can taste it like most of the dishes in restaurant...pretty decent and nice..
And this dish really impressed me, Fruit Pizza...Never thought of pizza with fruits before right! I love it...it was superbly nice.... It is made of vegetarian friendly cheese(without animal rennet) together with fruits with eggless mayonaise...nice!

Last but not least...some of the desserts...check it out...

and us the awesome peeps who were there that night to enjoy the decent and nice dishes from Chef Lim Organic Kitchen...thank you!

Anyways, Chef Lim Organic Kitchen cater for all range of ages, ethnics, races and sex!
Also cater for functions such as birthdays, annual dinner, meetings, etc....do consider here when you're running out of ideas! Something different I would say =)

To drop by there!
Address: Chef Lim Organic Kitchen
             Lot 2-47, 2-48 & 2-49,
             The Scott Garden, 4 1/2 Miles,
             Jalan Klang Lama,
            58100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ·

Wanna be healthy?
Dine at Chef Lim Organic Kitchen!


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