Monday, May 21, 2012

CarSifu - Malaysia's Cars For Sale

Malaysia's Leading Car Classifieds Website

CarSifu is the Malaysia's leading Car Classifieds website, with over 10,000 cars for sale posted online all across Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, and Johor.

With this website, looking for secondhands or old cars, it will be as easy as A, B, C.....
Just by clicking the link "Cars for Sale" on top, it will basically list down a list of random secondhands or old cars.....The list will go on following the date of posting of the cars.... 
Check out the picture below how is it gonna be like....

Or if you have any specific cars in can just go to this part (see the picture below) and simple type the keyword of whatever cars you're looking for...for example, maybe proton? perodua? or maybe lexus? your choice!

Or you can just go to the list (check out the left side of the picture) and pick whatever type of car that you're looking at! Simple as that....easy aight? =)

For example, if you were to click on "Lexus"...
it will simply come out with the list of Lexus cars which on the markets that people are trying to sell it off....
check out the picture below..

If you wanna know more about the car, maybe condition, year and what not...just click on it, and a list (as the picture below) will appear...telling you the condition, year, and even interest rate for loan! 

So if you're interested, you do not have to call the owner!
Just fill up the form as per below, and click "Call Me Back!"..
then the owner will call you and you can just then negotiate with the owner!
Simple right? 

Isn't it super easy now with CarSifu?!
Of course!!

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Interesting ... is this the new way to make enquiry?
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