Thursday, May 10, 2012

Guinness World Record Breaking Charity Event by ACE YOUTH

Organised by
Alumni Sri Aman

proudly presents you

Guinness World Record Breaking Charity Event
What is charity to you? Giving RM1000 to an organisation? give your time to those who are needy? Or even just helping a blind to cross the road? Whatever and however you can define charity... All and all, as long as you have the heart to help a person who is in need, then you are giving in into charity....

The way you get meaning into life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.... 

Its never too late to show some love together with us and create even greater awareness for charity... 
It's never too late to join this kind act on this magnificent meaningful global Guinness world of record! 

As we always have heard people saying, 
"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." 
Donation on that day will be fully donate to charity. An effort made for the happiness of others lifts us above Ourselves. 
Be part of US(yes I'll be there =) ) with! You will never regret!

The main highlight of the event would be the BollyforCharity!
Check out the video what you would be anticipating!
Imagine a crowds of 10,000 people doing it at one go??! it would be awesomely epic yo!
So learn the moves up! Jay Kumar has set up a routine and it is uploaded to Youtube so participants can familiarise themselves with the dance....

Basically the BollyforCharity is a Guinness World Record Breaking attempt for the largest multi-site Bollywood dance event to be held on the 12th of May at 10pm.

We would be helping our fellow friends in UK to break the current record of close to 4,500 people...

So, bring your friends and colleagues to help us make this event a success. There will be events set to take place in Capetown, Edinburgh (a prison!), New Zealand, Kathmandu, Victoria Embarkment-London, Manipal-India, Petaling Jaya-Malaysia so far....

Imagine we're doing it at one go together with all the countries above?! It would be epic yo! XD

The Event Flow of the night would be as follow;
7.00 pm - 7.30 pm - Arrival of Guest
7.30 pm - 7.45 pm - Launching
7.30 pm - 8.15 pm - Opening Speech - Sri Aman Alumni Founder, TGF Founder (Tenesh), ACE YOUTH Founder (SYA), Leng Yein
8.15 pm - 9.00 pm - Performance 
1. Singing by Leng Yein
2. Singing by Jenna Gong
3. Joe Kim Rock Band
4. Liana Grace - semi-finalist of Astro Vaanavil Talent Quest
5. Chello performance by Sri Aman Orchestra
6.. A sensational salsa performance by Salsa Blaze
9.00 pm - 9.30 pm - Auction for Charity
9.30 pm - 10.00 pm - Dance Rehersal 
10.00 pm - 10.05 pm - Bolly World Breaking Record Event Dance
10.05 pm - 10.15 pm - Lucky Draw
10.15 pm - 10.30 pm - Video Viewing of Dancers from 6 part of the World
10.30 pm - 11.00 pm - Photo Session
11.00 pm - The End

And here is a few reason WHY you should not miss this  HISTORICAL event?
1. Is a Global World Record Breaking Event 
( 7 Part of the World Taking Part at the same time )
2. Is a Charity and Community Event
( Donation will be given to the disabled community )
3. Reflect the True Spirit and Unity of being a Malaysian
( Indian , Chinese and Malay Organizing and Taking Part )
4. Uphold ASIAN Heritage and Culture
( Bollywood JAI HO Dance )
5. List of Celebrities , Leaders , Public Figure , Ambassador , Models Who Are Kind Enough To Be Part of This Meaningful Event 

So where and when is it gonna be?
Venue: Sri Aman School PJ School Field
Time: 7.00 PM - 11.30 PM
Date: 12 May 2012

For more details, please check out their Facebook Event page here,

 Hope you will join us in taking part in this truly global event! Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you require further information. 

P/S: their target is to get RM 10,000 for this RM10 per person? We easily hit that amount in no time! *just a suggestion =P *

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