Thursday, March 4, 2010

30th Anniversary Celebration

I think this is the 4th Concert that I'm gonna miss for my orchestra

Anyway, my orchestra back home, Penang Symphony Orchestra gonna have this 30th Anniversary Celebration thingy back in Malaysia.....I have no idea how are they playing and all right now, cause i've been away for damm long already....But all I have heard about was that the orchestra has grown a lot since I left......
So i guess it will be a pretty good show on that day! oh ya! and Maestro Martin Rutherford and Maestro David Wen will be guiding them throughout this if i'm not mistaken!


Basically you can see what's the programme and date and all on the poster la....
Anyway, I'm not selling any of the tickets this year because i'm not playing for any of their concert cause i'm away =S sad case...

Anyway, do drop me a message here if you're interested! i'll link you up with the person in charged! =)

Do go for the concert

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