Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Liverpool Malaysian's Night 2010

I am really happy....That's all I am gonna say

Well, it didn't go as plan when my committee and I started planning the night. First, my first committee went MIA and just pulled out without informing, and every one was having their exam....THUS, I can't do much about it...Thank God, I still have some good one in the committee....and the night turn out good... =) well, I dunno what to say, but I guess it's another achievement that I have made for myself.... =)

I dunno whether the night it was as awesome as I think, but I am proud of my committee and everyone else who supported this event!

You be the judge and tell me whether is it good? =)

oh ya......I kinda freak out a bit the day before when we were told that 8TV would be filming our whole event....IT MEANS THAT IT WAS GONNA BE HUGE =S

I couldn't really sleep the day before...i was nervous shit...cause I don't wanna screw this out and everyone couldn't really enjoy it!!

BUT it all turn well good! thank God =)

Anyway...the preparation....

and the night begins from here.....

I was told that the food was great....
to be honest, I was kinda worried on the food too...
but it turn out well again =)

the main table

everyone else who came

and presenting
The Couple

well who are they?

Their are one of the top 25 Best Bands on MySpace

we were really really honoured to have them on our night!

and of course with them were the 8TV crew...

check them out here....

emcee of the night...Dinie, great job that night! =)

mua giving out lucky draws gift!

and mua and everyone else

SO CALLED Family Portrait

Well, it was seriously a great great night for me at least! I was really happy and relief that everyone enjoyed it!

Lots of ppl came up to me and said, it was one of the best Malaysian Night thus far they have been to.....I really HOPE that whatever they said it really true =)

Thank you everyone for the support seriously!
Without every single one of you, it wouldn't be as great....Thanks again!


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