Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dublin, Day 2


Got up really early......and the restaurant was not open yet for breakfast =S

Waited for 15 minutes or so....

after breakfast, off to city centre to get a bus....

well you can see from the was a really nice sunny day... =)

anyway first stop, Dublin Castle

inside the castle

outside of the castle.....
that is a chapel just beside the castle

back to Dublin Castle again....
here was the place where the Viking originally started to built their defences and all...

Town Hall
The town hall is kinda small...a bit disappointed actually

Christ Church Cathedral

the underground

this is the place where they show the history of how the viking when they were in Dublin

they have a tower at Dublinia, unfortunately it's all sealed, or else you could actually get a lot of nice pictures there...

and off to St. Patrick's Cathedral

St. Patrick's Cathedral

and we went on to the "hop on & hop off" bus for a bit...
one of the General Post Office(centre), Trinity College(right)

can you spot the person in green? St. Patrick's Costume...

next stop, Wax Museum
if you've been to Madame Tussaurds in London, you'll be really disappointed with this museum
Oscar know who is it? =)


huge ass ugly creature =S AND Hannibal Lecter

Batman actually look more yellow than me


probably is a chinese Batman

hahaha =D

and a studio =S

Kilmainham Gaol Museum
it's a jail actually....go wikipedia about it, it's seriously really interesting..
if i'm not mistaken, the jail was built back in 1700s....damm long.. =S

the jail cell....

a lot of movies and mtv was done here.....Godfather and bla.....

one of the prisoner actually painted Mother Mary with Jesus on the cell's wall..

and someone actually crafted this =S

after that, Guinness Storehouse
we kinda ran there....because we were late for the last tour =S

and here we are....

the previous design of the bottles....grandma would love this, she's a hardcore Guinness drinker... =D

I love their ads
no wonder grandma still drinking Guinness at this age... =D


and lastly.....
I crafted my very first Guinness Stout....and I was given a cert! wahahahah

and this.....
my first and very last Guinness Stout

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