Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Brussels, Belgium

It was pretty much spontaneous I would say

haha....I didn't really plan to go anywhere after Lake District....but kinda decided to do something after a few days break back in Liverpool......

here I am in Belgium! =D

it was not bad I would say...BUT never in my life I camwhore that much! haha
check out my Facebook if you wanna see! =D

Day 1


The place I stayed for the 2 nights....
Youth Hostel

Day 2


Something palace =S

Autoworld......lots of different types of old cars...
go to my Facebook for more pictures =)
look at the bike back then, and the size of the car... =S I dont think I could even go in =S

the one on the right, definitely i can go in =D muahahaha

On the way to the Metro Station
see why the flags are not all the way up? cause of the Poland's President just pass's a way to honour the President...

St. Catherine's Cathedral

Can't remember what's the name of this Cathedral =S

off to City Square

ok....just so you know! Belgium, everyone knows that they are famous for Belgian Chocolate....BUT other than the chocolate...Belgium's ppl are famous for peeing around the street and all....
I'm not kidding you, sometimes, while walking on the street, you can actually smell urine smell along the street...
well, and they are proud of it...thus, they make it a dog statute to symbolise it...
confused sial =S
and this is famous peeing boy in Belgium =S

the Eiffel Tower of Belgium APPARENTLY =S

Someone made this....and he is famous...
and I dont see anything so special about it =S

Day 3
Can't remember what is this place call...but it took 30 minutes train ride to get there =S

Halloport's Castle

on the way to European Parliament

and this is the European Parliament
Disappointed sial wei! expected more... =/

the Palace....

Garden opposite the palace
Palace Square

and I went to the Musical Instrument Museum
Will blog about it in the next post...damm lots of pictures...
was really amazed by it! =)

and food!
of course I tried the orignial Belgium's waffle...

and of course Belgian CHocolate! =)

Next will be

Musical Instrument Museum


Ken Wooi said...

so nice the place =)

yeongboon said...

you could come =D