Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dublin, Day 3

Last day in Dulin

Got up super early! breakfast and off we go...

The famous General Post Office

waited for half hour for the stupid bus...

Journey to Skerries Mills
it was almost an hour plus journey

Skerries Mills

went for a short museum tour
that's a weighing machine btw


Malahide Castle

another 1 hour journey


and here we are
Malahide Castle

ok....if you seriously do plan to go visit this castle...SERIOUSLY, you need to walk through a darn huge jungle, i think it was almost 40 minutes walk to see this "AWESOME" castle....

after 40 minutes...
ok we are not allowed to take any pictures actually....
pictures below, I didn't know that we couldn't take any pictures at first...but I already took it before I noticed we couldn't...muahahahh
ok....there's nothing special about this Castle la actually....unless u know people like Sir Orange and all sorts....then it will be pretty interesting.....
I know him through Public Law =D

then Museum of Childhood and Tara's Palace of childhood =S okkk...there's all sort of museum in this world =S
i think this will be one of the most suitable museum for our dear Bryan Ho in Newcastle to get his childhood back =D

Last stop....
the famous Temple Bar

and we saw this

such a "nice" name to name your restaurant....
hahahaha =D

then back to Hotel to get our stuff and off to airport

Pravda......sounds familiar right? Prada...LOL

on the way to airport

Soho Coffee..... =D
i know there's a Soho BAR in Malaysia

that's all for Dublin
Lake District coming up next!

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