Monday, June 14, 2010

Geneva, Switzerland

My very own backpacking trip

Well, I was at London... and I got super duper bored...ok, honestly, i think london is superbly boring...don't enjoy it AT ALL.....

So was talking to one of my friend, and he suggested I should go for backpacking since i am super duper free and bored...and the best part was, i'm in England, and it's in Europe.....

SOO....after considering for a bit....why not???! =D

and waaalaaaaaaa.....

My very first stop,

ANyway, I didn't go up to the Alps...Why? cause there wasn't any snow up there anymore....So i was advice and told it's not worth it to go all the way yeah!

Anyway more to come!!


kenwooi said...

the sky is so blue! *envy* =P

yeongboon said...

everywhere here is blue now! the whole eastern europe at least =)