Friday, June 25, 2010

Sofia, Bulgaria

I'm in Prague ppl!

I'm supposed to be in Barcelona right now....BUT WizzAir, happily cancelled our flight after delaying it for almost 4 hours....babi siaaaalll...ANYWAY, i'm so gonna talk about WizzAir later on!!! well, it won't be something that will compliment them just so u know =P

Anyway, my own backpacking trip...continues in Sofia Bulgaria....

just check out the pictures =)

Orthodox Church.....didn't take any pictures inside of the church...
Sorry to say this, but i find Orthodox Church really disturbing to me.....
after going in into a few Orthodox Churches...i felt extremely uncomfortable for the whole day =/


and i was lucky enough to get to see the Italy Prime Minister to Bulgaria for some opening of some sculpture =)
the HOT reporter wanted to interview me, but too bad i dont know how to speak their language =/

one of the Orthodox church that i visited....
it's still kinda disturbing to me now =/

Anyway, flight to Barcelona later it's at 2-ish in the afternnoooon...
PLS oh PLS dont cancel my flight again =/

more to come!

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