Friday, October 8, 2010

China Straddling Bus

Is this the future for public transportation?

Check out the video!

So what do you think?

Well, for me AT LEAST, I dunno whether this would the future....But I doubt so..why? yes that u will cure all the pollution and save lots of petrol, electricity, money, spaces, man power and alll....and yes, there's censor and all to prevent accident.

But the fact is, building this and buying this, would cost a country millions or maybe billions of dollars? so, do you think that a country would have this much of money to pay uphand? no, i dont think so at least for Malaysia.
About the censor, come on! you can have thousands, millions, or maybe billions of censor and crazy high tech censor on that bus...But if a driver felt asleep or maybe he's too drunk to drive, he will just knock into it no matter what kinda censor you have.. =S
the moment accidents happen, hundreds of life would be in the video suggest that it can fit AT LEAST 300 passengers on the bus....

Well, honestly speaking...i dont know about this.... you tell me!

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