Monday, October 11, 2010

Grandma's Birthday

My awesome grandma's 88th birthday

Well, I had classes during that week....but grandma's last birthday, i was in i thought I should actually go back for her 88th birthday.. =)

Yeah, missed 10 hours of classes...but it was worth it =)

Practically all of us went back to Penang to celebrate my grandma's big day

with my cousins

grandma on the right....with my grandaunt and granduncle

and the awesome foood

and all of us while attacking the food =D
my nephew trying to be Ultraman....LOL
i think he's drunk =D

and the cake!
oh ya! the next day after grandma's birthday, was my cousin's birthday...thus double celebration! =)


and of us
happy birthday again Grandma! =)

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