Monday, October 25, 2010

Nephew's 5th Birthday

1 year older, 1 year wiser?

Yes? No? NOOOO at least for my nephew...for him, the older he gets, the more cheeky he becomes.... =D

The awesome food US adult get to eat....yeah, it's a kid party, but come on, they were too busy playing anyway =P

The guest!

and yes, i'm considered as one of the guest too =D

and check out the cake.....
Ultraman? =S

and the birthday boy

after all the singing and all....

another of my nephew started eating immediately! look at him... =)

and the birthday boy...
Greediness! hahahaha



Joseph and Joanna said...

very nice cake. :)

yeongboon said... makes an awesome cakes for kids =)