Thursday, October 9, 2008

Birthday Bassh

Happy Birthday Michael & Ian.......Celebration for you guys =)
It was Ian 6th of October and Michael 9th of October 19th Birthday....

For their birthday...We Tho Quin, Joanne, Wilson, Yee Chien, Carmen, Wai Yen, Angeline, Vivian, Bryan & I planned a birthday party for them..... But Angeline couldn't make it =(

But anyway, after class....All of them went to Tho Quin's house...As I had to say that I wanna go back home to sleep and shower It's just a lie la ppl, sorry, because I need to go home and finish up the cards and collage that made for the Birthday BoyS.....

We shall let the pictures do the talking =)
Mua Creation...hehe...thats collage that i'm talking about.... LOVE it

Starting fire....this really took us darn LOOOOOOOOOOOONG =S

YeeChien using her tongue to take the temperature =S

THQ is almost like a "professional" kiap kiap person...words from Joanne =D

Ask them to help out to start the fire, and they are posing... =S ishkkk...actually I am posing at the back tooo...wahahhaha

After I think 1 hour plus, we AT LAST started the fire...HORRRRAAAAAAAYYYY!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeee...........

Mike's food...disgusting la =S

See that Carmen, only know how to look while ppl bbq-ing *shaking head* hahaha

The birthday boy(Ian) and Wai Yen

Marshmelllow gal? right? who said this in facebook? =S

EAT EAT EAT!! later u become pig then u know! WAITTT u're already a pig! haha

See this Carmen attacking food again =D haha *Carmen going to kill me after reading this post* wahahhahaha

THQ, are u trying to fly?

This look wrong?! =S

Candid =D

Look at Mike's face....hahaha...retarded wei! =D

Look at our face =D

Now I got a personal MAID to feed me =D

Yee Chien and Mike with the sausage

Ian gonna be the next bbq item =D

The guys....See THQ, dunno why he emo in this pic...HAHAH

Owhhhhh, introducing the MARSHMELLOW's GALSSSS.........HAHAHA

After the bbq, all of us clean up the place and all the mess together-gather....
Then some of them went of and some of us stayed back and played some games before we went off.... =)

Nooooooooooooooooow, it's time to reveal the art-work for Michael and Ian.....

Nice nice? Front page....for Mike

checkerss, behind the front page =) this took me a lot time

greeting for Mike..... =)

Front page, Ian's presiee

greeting for Ian =)

The 2 Booklets and the photo collage...lovin' it =D

Last picture.....All of us, except Angeline =(  nvm, hopefully Angeline will take a picture with all of us soon...

Happy Birthday again =)


EeSim said...

hello, i'm seow wen 'friend,ee sim..
do u mind if i add ur link to my blog?!

yeongboon said...

hi! yeah, i still can remember u...haha...
yeah u can link me of course...haha =)
let me know what's ur blog's url too k....
nice to see u here =)

EeSim said...

haa..i have link alrd..
my link is
wow, 'yuan lai' u got write blog too, really diff with seow wen.. xD

yeongboon said...

yeah! linked u tooo =)
haha....welll i didn't really plan to blog...until all of my friends kinda "forced" me to blog...
so started it, and i find it kinda nice =)