Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sushi Maniac

HElllllOOOOO!!!! =)

Few days ago, Sushi King they have this promotion RM2 per plate from 13th till 16th of this month......
Well, as usual, I'm there for all the 4 days!!! haha =D

Here's the 1st day with mua classmates Tho Quin, Wilson, Bryan, Yee Chien, Carmen & I

The salmon, only managed to land on table...... 
We were like some hungry ghost when we see the salmons...HAHA

Seee, the ppl from next table also looking for SALMMOOONSS, but tooo bad =P

Scallops =)

What're they loooking at? =S

Seee the greedy gal =D hahaha...jk only =P

busy eating...

now still busy eatinnggggg......

and nooooooooow, she's posing =D

seee, that's what we ate... =D

aaaaaah, that's the food that I wanna eat, but I didn't get to eat it AT ALL =(

count the the total? I think should be around RM200++...but we paid only RM100++ hehe

2nd day, went with my cousin's family, no pictureee.....SORRRRRYYYY =/

3rd day, went with few of my classmates Carmen, Vivian, Ian, Wai Yen, Natasha, Michelle and  Wei June again in Midvalley..... No pictures again..sorry =/

4th day, which is the last day.........Went with my classmates Carmen, Michael, Yee Chien, Wilson, Joanne and Tho Quin again... But later on when we reached there, Carmen DITCHED US!!! ="(
Got pictures for the 4th day...HAAHAHAHAHHA =D

Salmonssssssss again! =D



Seee the receipt =)))


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