Thursday, October 16, 2008

Trekathon and......


Does my blog not as semangat as last time?

[22:28] YeeChien: hahaha as in.. previous enttriess. like starting that one onee

[22:28] YeeChien: hahaha those like you damn semangat to blog period

[22:29] yeong boon: cheeeeeh

[22:29] yeong boon: aaaaah

[22:29] yeong boon: then i'm gonna be more semangat dy

[22:29] yeong boon: hahaha

[22:30] YeeChien: hahaha yayyy

[22:30] YeeChien: yeah la

[22:30] YeeChien: blog moreeee!!

[22:30] YeeChien: see what else you havent written

[22:30] YeeChien: im sure raya got lots of thigns one la

[22:31] yeong boon: seriously no lor

[22:31] yeong boon: i was babysitting all the while

[22:31] yeong boon: ;

[22:31] YeeChien: hahahah. zha dou.

[22:31] YeeChien: then talk about your breastfeeding experience!

[22:32] yeong boon: my breastfeeding?

[22:32] YeeChien: eh your cbox right

[22:32] YeeChien: cannot write la

[22:32] YeeChien: idk why

[22:32] yeong boon: since when i breast feed??

[22:32] YeeChien: hahah just saying ny

By the way the breast-feeding part...just ignore it la...She's getting high there HAHAHAHAHA

Went for Trekathon on Saturday which was organise by HELP....... When I reached HELP main block, I thought I will see a lot of Law Department's students being around there waiting for the bus to Bukit Gasing as well......But then after having breakfast in main block, we went down for the bus, and you know what.....NONE OF THE LAW DEPARTMENT'S STUDENTS ARE ANYWHERE THEREEEE!!!!! ONLY 3 Wilson, Michael & I OF US THEEREEEE!!! DAMMM!!!!

After boarding the bus, Michael got freaked out! haha...Why? He saw someone who look like his beloved one WAHAHAHAA =D and Michael named her ******** No3...hahah if you all know him well, I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that he actually freaked out all the way from HELP till Bukit Gasing.....hahah

So after reaching there, we need to take our attendance and all...So when that's happening, other department like Economics, Psychology, Business and etc, they are like squezzing in to get their attendance...and ours, we do not even need to to line up to take our attendance....AND our attendance sheet is like 1 page only...and the rest of the department is like more than 3 sheets....SEEE! HOW PATHETIC IS THAT!!! 

After some warm-up then the race started....wanted to take pictures, but it was kinda slippery, so I don't dare to hold my phone while in the race....
Here's the only pic =/

seee, even the pictures is so pathetic =/

When we reached the finish line, when Amir saw me, he was like "thank god that there's someone from our department, I thought there's no one, and thank god you wasn't last" OMG!! What the **** wei, see how pathetic is our department.....Daaaaaaaaaaaammmm.....

After that thingy, Yee Chien texted me..Saying that the gals Yee Chien, Carmen & Joanne are skipping class and going to 1Utama for movie....
Went home and shower then we headed to 1Utama.....
We watched House Bunny......
HAHA you guys should watch this movie....Darn blonde la the gal! hahahaa remind me of Carmen and Angeline, HAHA =D  ......The gals, OMG freaking darn hot!!! haha...and fan of Katherine McPhee, she actually acted not bad in this movie, and another thing is SHE'S SO FREAKING DAMM HOT IN THE MOVIE!!!!!! FUUUUUUUUH =D

Went McD for a snack after movie........Owh ya! I haven't mention in my blog before that, Tho Quin, he's a fitness freak la!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
After ordering the food, he actually looked at the chart, something about the percentage of carb and fat...DUnno what the hell was that la....And he keep on complaining he actually ordered the food which have the most fat!!! wth! HOI!!!! just eat whatever u can la, u're still so freaking young wei =S and to the young ppl out there, pls don't be like my friend here, enjoy whatever u can when u still can, BUT, pls do exercise =)

That's the way to enjoy food k =D

OWH YAAA!!!! McDonalds now have WIFI!!!!! WOOOOWWW!!! GOD BLESS McDONALD =D
seee the WIFI thingy up there =D

After that went to my aunt's place.....owwwwwh, my younger nephew...he knows how to walk dy =D
and he's still so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee =D

Went home after dinner with my aunt's family.....
When I reached home, my cousin asked me to go to 21 with him for a while..... =S
AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaah, I went......

The next day, woke up around 7 to go to church.....and I was like so freaking tired all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy =/
I need to sleep early next time =)

S   I   G   N   I   N   G   
O   F   F

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