Sunday, November 2, 2008


FUUUUUUWAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Sorry, I've been really busy with stuff for the past 2 weeks....... SOOOOOOOOORYYYYY =)

I've been so busy for the Sports Carnival, buying food for grandma everyday =S  and of course my studies as well....I'm slacking too much =S HELLLPP!!!

owh ya, about the Sports Carnival, I'll update about it as soon as I got all the pictures.... =D

Been really long since the last time I played badminton...The last time I guess should be in April? 
So, a bunch of my friends Tho Quin, Yee Chien, Cheryl, Yoke Han, Syaiful, Wilson, Bryan, Allan, Cheah and I went for it after class.....

Went we reached the place, some where near to Subang Parade, I was like WHAT THE ****?!!!!
Cause you know why, that place it's like so deserted...AND did you watched before some horror movie, where they killed their victim and dumb the body at some deserted area? the place that we went to, IT LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE THAT!!!! =S

After we parked the car, we went down...and the place it's like so empty and there's no one at alll..... AAAAAAAANDDDDDDD it's creepy =S 

So we check in to the court and started playing....

Let the pictures do the talking =D

How sweet are they? Wilson & Cheryl.....Awwwwwww "quote from Yee Chien" HAHA =D

2 sweet COUPLES together...Awwwwwww, Wilson & Cheryl and Tho Quin & Yee Chien......HAHAHAHHAHA

Here's Bryan and I  =D

After badminton, we went McD for...wanted to eat there...but in the end we end up in Asian Cafe to have our dinner.... =/

OWH ya!! my nephew cut his he's BALDDDDDDD...

He's still so cute right? =D

The other day, when we went mamak for a drink....Wai Yen she brought this camera....OMG!!! It's so old school.........hahaha....

It's cute though the camera =D
Check it out.......

Darn old school right? haha

Owh well, byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee =D

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