Saturday, November 22, 2008

Birthday Birthday Birthday again.......

So many Birthdays in such a short period of time
So many pictures to upload in a post
Birthday for Yee Chien aka Ju-On, and
Birthday for Joanne aka Racist-Gal

Occasion: Yee Chien's early Birthday Celebration 
don't worry, I'll only post nice picture for this post, since it's for you =) 
Place: Swensons, Subang Parade


Yoke Han & I

Yoke Han & Lan Wong the Barbarian

Yee Chien

Bryan, what happened to your face? =D

The gals were camwhoring the whole night =S

What are u all looking at? hehe

Tho Quin proposing to Yee Chien =D HAHA

Present Time =)

Acting cute again =/ *shaking head*ahahahaha 

Look at this gal....
From this small little gal...

And now she's finally 18

don't mess around anymore, now you're officially OLD =)


Occasion: Joanne's Birthday Party
Place: Joanne's house

Us with the Birthday Gal =)

If you're there, you'll know that this gal, Lamia, she WANTS to be in all the picture...hehe...
I did not even plan to take her picture, the one above, but she just stand there and post, waiting for me to snap =S 
Owh, Lamia Lamia Lamia, why are you like this?!  HAHA =D

Birthday's Gal's friends, dunno their name =S sorry =S

"SENSOR" haha, lol.......Or else later Yee Chien will rate my blog as X-rated-blog again =S

Got caught camwhoring AGAIN *shaking head*

Here's the "coolest" part during the party =D
The Birthday Cake.....yeah it's a key, Joanne get her early freedom because she won't be celebrating her 21st in Malaysia =/

The gal behind, she's not as innocent as she is in this picture...HAHAHA

This is just the APPERTISER....Look at the next picture =D
Look at her face =D

Watch the video......And see who is the culprit =D

HAHAHA....seee that INNOCENT GAL, she's not that innocent afterall =D

Present time again

This present is from Michael, Angeline & I =) Hope u like it =)


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