Monday, November 10, 2008

Randomness of Angeline

olaaaaaaaa........ I know it's been a few days since I updated my blog....Soooorrrry....

Well, the main reason I still haven't update my blog since then, it's because that  I still haven't got any of the pictures that I want to talk about.....and what's the pictures about? SEEECRREEETTTTT

Was chatting with Angeline....and I was complaining that the weather it's so hot...and she ignore me =(  and asked me to update my blog instead =(

OWWWH and she offered to update my blog for me =D 

See the conversation bellow =D
[22:34] yeong boon: so hotttt
[22:34] yeong boon: hott hott
[22:34] yeong boon: hooooooooot
[22:34] Angeline: hahaha
[22:34] Angeline: no la
[22:34] Angeline: silly
[22:34] Angeline: update ur blog
[22:35] yeong boon: haha it's hot laaa
[22:35] yeong boon: i wanna update too...but i'm lazzzzy
[22:35] yeong boon: =D
[22:38] Angeline: but do u hav an idea wat to update?
[22:38] yeong boon: yaaap yaaaaap
[22:38] yeong boon: actually got alot of things to say in my blog...
[22:38] yeong boon: juz really lazy to update =S
[22:39] Angeline: then go dooo go dooo
[22:39] Angeline: i help u update la
[22:40] yeong boon: hah?
[22:40] yeong boon: u help me update? ok...go ahead =D
[22:40] Angeline: hahahaha kiddin la how do i write like a Boon
[22:40] Angeline: hmmm
[22:40] Angeline: hahaha
[22:41] yeong boon: "like a Boon" ok =S
[22:41] yeong boon: then u shall learn how to write "like a Boon"
[22:41] yeong boon: HAHA
[22:42] Angeline: hahah
[22:42] Angeline: come come
[22:42] Angeline: wat's ur idea?
[22:42] Angeline: one thing..then i make it sound like a Boon
[22:43] yeong boon: what's my idea...?! hmmm
[22:44] Meebo Message: Could not connect to network.
[22:44] yeong boon: well, originally i'm gonna feel like updating about the party or maybe the halloween thingy.....
[22:44] yeong boon: but then after chatting with u...
[22:44] yeong boon: i feel like talking about our conversation instead!
[22:44] yeong boon: wahahahaa
[22:45] Angeline: ok
[22:46] yeong boon: hah? that's ur respond? =S
[22:48] yeong boon: sorry dc
[22:48] Angeline: "walaaaaa today we celebrated Wilson and Carmen's birthday at my place..almost EVERYONE came late..we had a bbq but it was so stupid we couldnt get the flames to start!!n then u kno wat happened???we almost ran out of charcoal!!so me Mike n Angeline went to MV to buy..n Mike kept running!!back n forth n back again!hahahaa..we couldnt find the charcoal!!n we were in a hurry luckily we found it!!"
[22:48] yeong boon: HAHAHA
[22:48] yeong boon: then then?
[22:49] Angeline: thenn
[22:50] Angeline: "IN THE END THEY DIDNT USE ITT ZOMG ZOMG poor Tho Quin's money went to waste"
[22:50] yeong boon: HAHAHAHAHAA
[22:50] yeong boon: then?
[22:50] Angeline: so thennnn
[22:51] Angeline: "we went back n the gurls already got everythin goin yayyy so i had FOOOOOD to eat"
[22:53] yeong boon: HAHAHA
[22:53] yeong boon: omg angeline u're good...then then? go on...
[22:53] yeong boon: =D
[22:54] Angeline: hahaha no more la
[22:54] Angeline: hahaha
[22:54] Angeline: u gotta go on
[22:54] yeong boon: hahaha
[22:54] yeong boon: give me 2 minutes...then u go check out my blog! haha

HAHHAHA, Angeline u're good in blogging in "like a Boon" style...hahaha....
next time I shall ask you to update my blog for me k? =) ok ok??? =)

 "like a Boon"

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