Saturday, November 15, 2008

I'm Lazy

I know the post that I updated recently is like CENTURY ago.....but then I still gonna blog about it, because I wanna share every bit and pieces with everyone of you =)

I'm really lazy nowadays! Seriously! I dunno what's wrong with me....and I know I'm slacking...and I really need someone to push me!!!!!!!  HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! =S

ya....I'm sure everyone of you heard that I've been running for the Law Society...
Check out some of the campaign material.....all by Lan Wong *cheer for him* weeeeee!! =D

This is the poster


This is the flyers...

Well for those who already know, Congrats to the current committee President(Khairul), Vice President(Lee Quin), Treasurer(Buttcrack Michael) and Secretary(Lan Wong).....Congrats to u ppl... =) hope u guys will rock the society =)

OWWWWH!! 1 day before Halloween, we went to Fish & Co AGAIN...for our Bryan to meet up with his so good friend *wink wink* *Bryan tell us about you FRIEND in Fish & Co*

After eating....we walked around....and 4 adults Bryan, Tho Quin, Yee Chien and I went into Toys "R" Us......and guess what we did =S  =S  =S  =S  =S =S

Yee Chien aka I duno what is that =S

Bryan aka I ALSO dunno what is this =S

Tho Quin aka HIPPO!!! =D

Yee Chien AGAIN!!! Honestly...This is scary =S

Since it's 1 day before Halloween, we tried to scared ourselves instead...But, we're already hunted by a ghost calls herself Ju-On everyday =S

After that, normal la.. Walked around and waste time again =/

Then we decided to go makan DURIAAAAN =D

Look at this GREEDY gal *shaking head* HAHA =P

Somemore wanna posssssst =D *shaking head* haha =P

Another greedy person *shaking head* hahahaahhaa 


Tho QuinnnnNnnnnnn!!! DONT EAT!!! ALOT OF CARBS!!! HAHAH =D

By the way, Tho Quin belanja us! Thank you =D!!!

I've been attending this class...STUPID CLASS!!! which call LAN......
It's extremely stupid! Dunno why the hell they forced us to take this stupid thing!!! SERIOUSLY!!! It's the most dumb ever thing which a human could even think about!! stupid!!!!
So, because of the stupid class...... This is what we do in the class instead =D

Balqis =)

Mojojojo & I =D

Wait for more post to come =)

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