Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Can I just leave this empty?

I'm just so so so so lazy nowadays....seriously darn lazy! 
But I still need to update my blog for u ppl right? =D

Just check out the pictures..... It's at my place, Carmen & Wilson's birthday celebration....

Hehe....Yap it's a poolside BBQ =D

That's me =)

They're trying so hard to set up the fire...I think took 1 hour plus to do that?! =D
owh ya! Look what's Tho Quin holding, that's his SPECIAL weapon to set up the fire =D

Wai Yen trying to "murder" Ian =D

Tho Quin trying to blow Yee Chien with his "weapon"... Don't think bad wahahaha

Birthday Girl & Boy....Happy Belated... =D Mike baked the cake....

I heard about "banging" before, but banging with ass? That's new... =S

Look at Yoke Han's face..She's like trying to kill someone....

Here's the proof that Michael and Bryan is gay! HAHAHA =D


The Present, idea from Angeline and Wai Yen...

Look at his perverted face... *shaking head* hahaa...

Haha...this cat made the day man! hahah...This cat actually made Angeline scream and made Wai Yen "roar" HAHA

Well, the BBQ wasn't really nice...because we couldn't really much foods....Got a lot of left over... =(

BUT, it wasn't that bad after all.....We had a Hot-Plate Party after that instead =D

Picture of the day...Yee Chien "on top" of Wilson =D

Hot-plate is way better than BBQ, it's fast...and we can eat more too =D

Look at Yee Chien...Look at her hair =D and her face =D HAHA

Normal Camwhore Session again

Bryan acting "cool" lol

LESBIAN in the house =S hahahaah

2 gals acting cute *shaking head*....NOT CUTE LA =D

We were all so freaking darn full!!! We had alot of meats....Chocolate, Cakes, dessert and snacks.... We were so darn full!!!

OWH OWH! Michael, he tried some whiskey and it's like not more than 2 cups...and he asked "Is this what you call a hang over?" 

Company's Tutorial....I'm starting to like Vilmah...She's actually good 


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