Friday, February 13, 2009

Day 10, Taiwan

Day 10 Day 10 Day 10

Got up early AGAIN! as we need to move to another Hotel...

And we got our ANG PAU!!!!! the CASH that we were rewarded =D

Some museum....can't remember what's the name...
apparently it's one of the best Museum in the world...


After that....we went to Taipei 101
here!! US!

me with the word TAIPEI!! =D

after that....we went to other malls.....
there are actually 7 malls, YES 7 MALLS linked cool is that right?! the gals will love it!

Christmas Tree from different mall!

after that, it was kinda late.....
owh and we got ourselves free umbrella! they actually give out free umbrella! haha

us with the Christmas Tree in Taipei 101
and YES it was raining!

owh! this is the most expensive Hotel in whole Taipei and Taiwan!

After the shopping...we went to some night market for some supper =)
food! i love food!

well that's all! 
sorry people! I kinda lazy to explain where and what we actually did in this blog! 
because I'm pretty tired right now...

till then......

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