Sunday, May 3, 2009

What Do I Really Want?


Exam is just around the corner.......

I remember once during Evidence's tutorial.....Ms. Vasantha had this talk with us....
asking us, whether do we really wanna be a lawyer? and is this really what we want for future?

The moment she asked that.....The first thing that struck me was, "WHY THE HELL AM I DOING HERE??!!!!"
The first thing that I recalled and struck my head was, the moment that I make music with my orchestra's musician....and the moment I performed in China, Singapore and Taiwan and with all different other orchestras and lot moreeeeee.....

and the moment I go through with other musician...teaching them, giving them guidance, arranging draft for them, showing them how to be musical and all the practices we go through together..... notes by notes, bar by bar, rhythm by rhythm, style by style, phrase by phrase, line by line....

well, I might not be as good as others...BUT seriously I missed that moment....
Do I really wanna do Law? Finals is juz around the corner, and I'm seriously kicking my own ass right now to get good grades!!!! and this QUESTION struck me again, DO I REALLY WANNA DO LAW???

Few weeks back, Lynn told me..."you should have go ahead with your music instead of law?"

Owh weelllll, then I went to Ee Von's blog and saw this video....: gosh...pls check out the video in my blog... u guys will love it...TRUST ME =)

It's an arrangement of Taylor Swift's Love Story and Coldplay's Viva La Vida see!!! Music is so darn beautiful! you can do anything with music! any way you want it! It is all on what kinda feel and style do you want! it's all about the feelings...dammmm!!!!
I missed that moment seriously!!!!

Is this seriously what I want?
Wrong timing to ask this.....
But I love music more than anything

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