Thursday, May 21, 2009


Woke up at 7am...

I slept around what, roughly 9 yesterday night? =S and I woke up at 2 something...
and I couldn't sleep at all after that =S

But after a while...I fall asleep again.....and got up at 7am, WITHOUT THE ALARM =S

weird laa....

Anyway, went and check my mail and read the news, normal la, that's what I do every morning =)
someone said I'm like an uncle =S

While checking the mail....Got a mail from my orchestra.....

and it says
Hi, we have officially invited to perform in ShenZhen on 8/21 right after our Korea trip. Also, we might have a concert in Hong Kong which still in negotiating, more details will be advise later.
pls refer to below tour schedule and plan your off dates from school or work accordingly. thanks
August 7 - concert in Penang
August 8 - concert in KL (tentative)
August 11 - Malaysia to Korea
August 20 - Korea to HongKong/ShenZhen
August 23 - HongKong to Malaysia
August 24 - back to work and school

The moment i saw that....I was like "what?!!! r u serious?!! ahahhhahaaaha"

So, my orchestra and mua, have been invited to Hong Kong to perform too!!! YEAH!!!


Now, back to study =(
Wish me luck!


Joe-Lene said...

THIS IS SO NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!

yeongboon said...

wanna join us?! =D

Joe-Lene said...

how i wish i could!!! :( tempt me!

yeongboon said...

hahaha..... chill la...u'll get ur chance =)