Monday, November 2, 2009


Nottingham Games

During the weekend, it was the Nottingham Games in Nottingham *dduuuh, obviously it was at Nottingham laaa*......anyway, went there with the rest of the Liverpool people...

and you know what time we have to meet up, 4AM! yes 4AM!!! means that we had to get up by 3AM!!! and the worse part was that, I only went to back almost 12am =/ =/ =/

when my alarm went off, I was like can i just not go...?!! but I already paid 8quids, no way I'm gonna let that money fly away just like that...and i got up! =)

Got there....the worse part, was they were so badly organise...asked ppl to get there by 7am, but there was nothing on yet...I mean the building was still lock, the organiser, not there yet....and asked us to wait there like some stupid dumbo, and didn't even bother to tell us where to go and all! stupid organiser!
and I met one of my orchestra's mates there, she was telling me, it was so damm bad organise this year, it wasn't that bad last year... *arrrgh, I guess it was just not my year*

anyway, after the so important Minister from Malaysia got there, the opening ceremony started.... =)
and u know what, THEY, actually asked us to SIT ON THE FLOOR?!! can u imagine that?!! hellooo!!!! we're not some primary or high school kiddo anymore, what do you think all of us will think when u ask us to sit on the floor...what nonsense man?!!
Seee!!! nonsense right?

anyway, started by singing our national anthem *the last time i think was in high school =/*, speeches*normal stuff la* and.....i dunno what happened after that, cause I decided to out with Michelle to meet up with my sister =)

after meeting up with my sister, bump into lots lots lots lots of people! i think this was the best of the be honest, I go all the way to Nottingham, one of the reason was to visit *NOT FOR THE GAMES DEFINITELY,ahahaha =D* and of course meeting up with friends laa.... =)

then off to the Malaysian Food Festival....
and while walking thereeee....

errr....i don't think so about about u?

My sister.... & ..... Michelle

and FOOOD!!!!

I actually spend kinda lot for the food! but I dont give a shit seriously, cause I miss all of this food! =D

and met this lovely people there.... =)

I miss having them around..... =/

off to City Centre....

We went to the Nottingham Castle first....

Sister & muaa

Statute of Robin Hood

and the Nottingham Castle...
They are getting ready for Halloween too! =)

you know, they actually ran all the way up to asked people to get a picture for them!
Especially Meow Ting...and it wasn't near at allll =/

Up at the Castle...

I guess that was they are looking at? =/

and the museum....

managed to read the text below? =)

Wanted to take lots of pictures and show you guys....
but we're not allow to take pictures in there.....sad case....
and this museum is one heck of a museum seriously...freaking huge!! I think we spent almost 2 hours in the museum =/ that was damm long k.....

and we saw this outside of the museum....remember when you watch like some olden days movies, where 2 knights on the horse fighting? i dont know what do u call that place...but yea...

people were so busy taking pictures...and look at both of them *shaking head* hahah! =D

and we joined them =) ahahaha =D

damm slumber right the way I sit...I didn't know that until I saw the picture... =D

and off we went to the City for some shopping =) =) =)

this is gonna be my next wallpaper =) I like it.... =)

we didn't actually buy anything, except my sister and Meow Ting...I just knew that my sister will get something the moment she went into that shop! hahaha....i got 6th sense! haha...nah, she's my sister la..of course I know that she gonna get something when I look at how long she actually spend in that shop! hahah...

alright bye

Halloween post will be up next!

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