Friday, November 20, 2009

Joanne's 21st

Happy Belated Birthday! =)

Did a little something for her...hope she like it!
Just check out the pictures....abit lazy to talk about it......*sorrrryyyyyy =/*

And our foood, oh ya! it's at Renshaw Grill by the way...

and that's the bill..... =D kinda cheap though =D

and head back to give Joanne a suprise.........the process of waiting was horrible mannnn!! Michelle, June and I, 3 of us were like waiting at Michelle's room for Joanne to go into the kitchen.....and fffuuuuh! that gal, she was like walking around the corridor and talking to people, and apparently she said she wanna go to the toilet firsttt......=S but then, she was like walking talking walking talking =S =S and we had to off the light of michelle's room just so that she wouldn't notice that there's someone in the rooom =S gooosh! haha


and she was tearing....awwww =)

look at June!!! hahaha....imagine this "WHY ARE U STEALING MY CUPCAKES!! PUT IT DOWN!!!" hahaha.....nah she didn't say that..... =D


and Baa Bar next.....

Poser weiii! =D

and our shots!
I noticed, it looks like someone juz vomited in there =S

Baa Bar was pretty sad, actually REALLY sad that night, not much people and it was kinda dead......So Patrick or Adam, couldn't really remember, suggested to go to Concert we went....MOOD...
hahhah! joanne! LOL

They said finish it in one shot, they cheated me, I was the only one who finish it =/

hahaha! alcoholic Joanne! =D

Look at that WEIRDO at the back! hahaha! we don't know him btw! =S

Alright...That's all
I'm heading to Leeds today! =D

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