Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween in Liv

Been waiting for long?

Anyway, Halloween was great this year...I mean I didn't really like dress up like so crazy guy, but I did a bit of something this year...*rather than all those boring years back in Malaysia*

I guess Halloween is pretty much about taking pictures only la...what else right? Don't tell me u wanna go around with a bucket going around ppl's house and say "trick or treat? =)" errr no....obviously we are not gonna do that, er wait, I mean obviously MUA not gonna do that...But if you wish to do it...GO AHEAD, I'LL SUPPORT YOU FULLY FROM THE BACK!!!
just support only k, nothing more than that =P

Anyway, picturess....
The evil angel and devil...

and them again...

Told ya, nothing much I did compare to the rest of them....haha =D
and the hair, that was the way I style my hair during high school! haha! =D

The fallen angel who dunno somehow become a vampire as well...
*confusing right?!!*

and off we went to Estee FAVOURITE place....Cube!

And this was the first time that I actually saw some police come out and ronda-ronda at night....
Liverpool is damm safe k at night...unlike Leeds =P

and random strangers with their costume on the street

and here we are, lining to go into the Cube..... cutee! haha =D

It was a great great night!

Mua - Vampire
June - Fallen Angel
Joanne - Devil
Michelle - Cheerleader
Christine - some greeek princess i think =S
Shalini - something related to earth =S
Wai Hoong - Vampire too but with a spider on him =S
Rishi - was supposed to be a crazy scientist but ended up becoming a vomit place for some random strangers =D
Estee - some Cat =S

I guess that's all

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