Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Leeds....oh Leeds


Leeds agaaain! Probably u guys will be asking, "why do you go Leeds so often??" Answer to that is, my sister is over there k she's always complaining that she's lazy to travel to visit me, so instead of her coming over, I go over and visit her instead...Yes, gonna try to make it a monthly thingy... =)

My sister actually asked me to go over next week instead because she got some work to finish..BUT, I said no I'm just gonna go over...hahah! I know I'm bad! hahah =D

Anyway, my sister brought me to this German Market thingy in Leeds....and went with a bunch of people as well.... =)
Can see the bright light behind?? That was the German Market...kinda happening actually =)

ANd here we are....German Christmas Market...

I think Delwyn was so fascinated about that thingy on the right....but too bad it was too pack that day! hahaha...*grow up gal! just kidding* =D

There was crazy lots of stuff....just look at the pictures, the stuff is pretty much kinda cheap and darn lot of choices.... the only thing stopping us from looking at most of the stuff was the people...too pack la... =S

and I ordered this thing, apparently its call a WAFFLE......=S German waffle I supposed....but it' was kinda nice...I would get a 2nd one..... =) got it from the Honey House*above the picture, nampak tak?*

We were walking, somehow we stop infront of this bumper car thingy, some of them were actually contemplating whether to play or not to play....LOL
and meet a bunch of Leeds ppl, who I have no idea who are they at allll....and one of the guys actually smile to me and say hi and bla bla bla....I was like "okkkkk =S"

Perempuan-perempuan sekalian, I'm pretty much sure u guys will LOVE it....hahaha =D

I found this interesting =)

Look at the HUGE ASS pretzel! =S

This, NICE!! Like it, but a bit sweet though...

I can't remember what do they call that, but i think it's calll "Smurf"?? =S not too sure...
But remember the Smurf cartoon thingy...I think they call it that =S
I think soo...not sure la...i got bad memory! =/

Look at what I am holding there.....apparently its called German Schnitzer... But you know what actually it was something like chicken chop la!! =/ got tipu weiii!! we were saying, "fuuuuuh, no need to go Germany and eat this la...Malaysia got it anywhere on the street wei, and we call it CHICKEN CHOP instead =S*

And the "Smurf" that I got....
Look at the baggggg.....SO LOVINGGG =/

and they decided to get some HOTT Muld German Wine.....
The que was crazzzzzzy loooooooooooooooooooooooooong......
damm pack right? you can't even see where was the que actually is....bad bad baddd...

at last they got was super hot....and I mean really hot.....

they got nothing better to do but instead playing with the steam..*shaking head* hahahaa! =D

and we headed back after that....

What the hell man! it like super long since Halloween ended, and people still dressing up! Ganas man! and look at them! with the spaceship somemore =S =S =S =S

2nd part of it will be up soon!

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