Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Chelsea vs. Malaysia XI

@ Bukit Jalill, Kuala Lumpur

Woot! thanks to KenWooi and WeeYang, gotten some free tickets and free training passes to the Chelsea vs. Malaysia XI's match! Thanks peeps!

Just so you know, I'm NO FAN of Chelsea.... The only reason I went there is because of free ticketssss!!! XD woot woot

Here's the training pass! and it was FREE =P

Look at the crowd! it's not full though....sad right? hehe cause they are no Manchester United! muahahah kidding =D

Fernando Torres! £50 millions signing! =/

the team warming up!

and them running around for training...dunno what were they doing but it was impressive

and Match Day!
my Match Day tickets and landyard!

Some pictures of Chelsea and Malaysia playing...

here's Malaysia taking a free kick! and just so u know, Chelsea was worried shit during this free kick! hahaha LMAO XD

Check out the crowd!
I was really suprised honestly, practically 70% of the crowd was wearing Malaysia's jersey and supporting Malaysia!!!
look at the people! craziness right?

screen picture! that's the best I can do, sorry...sucky camera! it's time to get a new camera...haha

and our lousy ass Malaysia's referee! I'll explain to you why later! gaahhh! ishkk

our hardcore Malaysia's supported! proud to say I was supporting Malaysia too!

and mua!

wearing Chelsea's shirt BUT no Chelsea's supporter!

oh ya here's why I call him stupid Malaysia's referee!

know why now?? retarded referee!

I think I should get a Malaysia's jersey!
woot! =D


Isaac Tan said...

yep the referee was rather retarded.

Get a yellow malaysia jersey soon! Hehe

Kian Fai said...

u gonna support MY tonight? hahah just asking . . . wish MY luck!