Saturday, July 23, 2011

Urbanscapes 2011

@ Padang Astaka, Petaling Jaya

When I was in Liverpool last year, I've been hearing people talking about Urbanscapes Urbanscapes. And I was wondering what the heck is Urbanscapes?! What's the all hype about it?! I was like streaming live broadcast of radio station like, FlyFM and HitzFM, as well. These radio station was like giving away free-passes to Urbanscapes too!! wtf!

Well, as you know, I'm all into arts, musics, events, and of course festival! So I told myself I'm not gonna miss Urbanscapes when I come back from the UK!

So what is Urbanscapes?
Let's make it simple, Urbanscapes is a festival of Arts, Music, Food and of course Shopping for girls!

And thanks to Urbanscapes, JayaOne and TheStar Newspaper, I got 4 free passes to Urbanscapes 2011! wohoo! thanks =D or else the ticket would be RM40/= per entry..

The event was a 12 hours thing, meaning from 12.00noon till 12.00 midnight! After scratching my head for days whether what time should I go (don't worry, no dandruff, I use Pantene, smoooth and silky!) haha so decided to go around 6-ish cause it wouldn't be that hot! haha sorry la =P

so here's my tics! complimentary yo!! =D

oh ya! finding parking was horrible! took me almost 30 minutes to go around the area just to find parking! FML


The moment we entered, we saw 8TV's booth! Their VJ was presenting and giving prizes away...Wanted to get myself a chance to win a prize, but the amount of ppl fuuuh! =S
so, moveeeeeed
anyone knows what's the VJ's name? anyone? anyone?
(sorry no prize would be given if u know =P)

Just check out the pictures and the booth they have there....
"Impressive" is the only word I could use to describe, like seriously...

Even World Wildlife Fund (WWF, not World Wrestling Federation, no Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson k? wake up wake up!) was there

more booths....
Polaroid Kuala Lumpur's booth with 2 hot chicks!! haha

Guitar's Hero Challenge

And Paintball's Field! madness right?! haha

Saw this bunch of painters in the middle of the field....
awesome work, really....superbly nice!
woot! and my 3 awesome models! haha kidding la, where got money to hire models la?! haha

ok, this booth below, it's call the Million Happy Faces' booth
see all the happy faces there? Apparently is a project to inspire optimism in Malaysia!
How cool is that right? Can check it out through
it's really interesting i would say....
Sooooo, of course I want my face to be there too right?! haha
and walaaa!

Free balloons from Groupon to chicks! not guys =(

oh ya, and they have all sorts of recycle/handmade sculpture like this below all over!

People all over chilling and checking out all the interesting nice!

Check out the video below, don't worry it's a super short video.....just see how interesting the way they allowed you to make rhythm and beats with just string into a music!

and of course there's food peeps! They won't torture us la k? haha

one of the nicest place to chill...

The amount of people were still building up eventhough the day is getting dark

Some really interesting performance! Check out the short video below..

and of course live band performance as well!

It was one hell of an experience! I am so gonna go back there again next year with lots of cash! haha why?! because there were like lots of super awesome deals to shop around! girls, you guys would love it, but your bf would hate it *burn pocket k?!* haha

So this is it!

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Kahmon said...

Wow, looks cool and fun!! I missed it. =[