Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Laser Warzone at i-City, Shah Alam (Laser Tag)

Laser Tag @ Lasser Warzone @ i-City, Shah Alam

So what is laser tag? Is it something like paintball where you will suffer from bruises after all then fun?? if you think so, YOU ARE ALL WRONG, SOOO WRONG!!! lol XD

anyways, Laser Tag is something like paintball BUT the differences are instead of using colour bullet pallet(the cause of ugly bruises =S ), they uses laser instead... hence no pain! =D

So, thanks to MilkADeal and nuffnang, a bunch of bloggers and mua got invited to this Laser Tag's event at i-City, Shah Alam, to experience the awesome Laser Tag's game!
Check it out!

i-City is not actually THAT far away as ppl thought, it is only around 10 minutes drive from Bangsar *provided you drive at 120km/h la =P *
haha..it will take roughly 15 t0 20mins drive in AVERAGE SPEED from bangsar =P

and here's the place
Laser Warzone *the ultimate laser tag challenge*

was going through some of the Rules & Regulations =S till i see this below,
haha! i would ask my friends to wear white the next time, muahahaha...

oh ya, they have foosball and pool table there! so incase is packed with people, you can just hang around there for a bit before your turn!

so after hanging for a bit, as invited bloggers, we got the privilege to check out the warzone!
me on top! KenWooi and Linora from Red.fm at the bottom
(me on top, sounds so wrong! threesomes! hahah kidding =P)

check out the art works in the warzone, it's pretty amazing I would say...

after that, a bit of food and a briefing before we battle it out to be the ultimate champion!! muahaha
haha , sounds as if we're fighting for 1 millions bucks wtf
instead we're just fighting for this

after the meal, it's time to SUIT UP!!

Then you enter into the "warzone" to battle it off! so while you're battling it off inside the "warzone", your friends could actually check out what's going on inside the "warzone" with the screen they set up(picture below)...WELL, provided you came in a big group la, or else who would wanna check you out!! stop dreaming la...haha =P

and you, and your friends can keep track of your score with this screen too!

oh, and let me introduce you too the Ever-fantastic-superbly-awesome-team SpyOptic *the name also dah ganas right? haha*

and our main rival team Crush!
*there's a reason why their picture is not so nice, rival OK?! haha*

so after battling it off with all the teams, we actually managed to beat all the teams and came up top during the round-robin...BUT, yes there's a always A but, we were beaten by team Crush during the finals! FML =( and hence the Silver Trophy and Medal =(

Team SpyOptic

and the champion, team Crush!

congrats peeps! =)

and all the bloggers!

and mua with the medal and trophy!

For those who are interested, here is some details below:
Battle Price : RM18 (non-members), RM15 (members), RM12 (students)
Packages for Events/Parties is provided too, with food and beverage, 2 hours usage of private room, but with a minimum of 15 pax

Operating Hours:
1.00pm - 12.00am (weekday)
10.00am - 1.00am

Unit K-14-1,
Jalan Multimedia 7/AH,
Citipark, i-City,
4000 Shah Alam,

Contact: 03-55218775 (tel), 03-55218776 (fax)

OH, by the way, remember to follow MilkADeal, they gonna have an awesome deal about it soon!

It was Legen- *wait for it* -dary!


Nikel Khor said...

Agree that.. not so far if driving normal speed without traffic jam..

Isaac Tan said...

awesome place and sport to have fun with friends! :) Nice meeting you that day bro

Aki said...

Ahaha.. I just came by foot!! ^_^.v..

BenjaminVai said...

its really a nice place to be.

had banyak fun.

Nana Eddy said...

awesomeness!!! hehe... Nice meeting you!

Kian Fai said...

nice to meet you!

no worries bro :) this is just for fun hehe